This thread is for Pop/Rock/LitePop/type songs. All of these would be starting from 1950s to current.

The songs should be"
- not already present in the song titles database in Band-in-a-Box 2017. You can easily see that, by typing the title in using the StylePicker, or the dedicated Titles Browser

For example, if you type "American Pie" .... and it isn't there, just post a message here, saying

American Pie - Don MacLean

(the artist is optional, though appreciated)

Feel free to add personal comments - remember that we are having fun here, it isn't brain surgery smile

Let's not start adding 'obscure' songs that you think are awesome, but aren't know by a wide audience.
The test is, would a person familiar with the genre and the decade recognize this song?
The point here is that you wouldn't want to be browsing a titles database if it had a bunch of obscure songs. We're at 8,000 songs now, and they are roughly equal (country=pop=jazz). So based on that, you'd have to consider the song that you're recommending to be in the top 3,000 of the country or pop or jazz genre.

We will update the database with the songs you recommend.

Please do not post songs from a third party list (for example if you find a site listing 500 top country songs)- that list would be copyrighted material and we wouldn't enter it.

A good way to find songs might be to use the Titles browser in 2017, find your favorite artist, and sort by them, and see if we've missed some.

One of the reasons I added this feature, was to answer a question that's intrigued me.... and that is
"How many popular songs does a person recognize" . is it 1,000, or 5,000 or 20,000?
For example, everyone knows 'Let It Be'
... and Purple People Eater? ... if you lived through the 50's
... and 24K Magic (Bruno Mars) if you're paying attention and listening to music since 2010

The point is all those songs should be on the list, if they are recognizable to someone who is familiar with music of the genre and the decade.
Have Fun!
Peter Gannon
PG Music Inc.