I was kind of in a Beatles mood when I wrote this a couple of days ago. Hope somebody enjoys it

Drums - Rock Hard Shuffle
Strings - 2061 Rhythm Pop Country SW 120
Guitar - 2753 Electric Rock Heavy Shuffle Murray A-B SW 120
Guitar - 2750 Electric Rock Heavy Shuffle Craig SW 120

Electric Lead Guitar
Acoustic Guitar Rhythm

Third Party

Words and music by
Torrey Bliss copyright 2017 BMI

You never could imagine
You were the center of attraction
To me you were a queen

Then we ended up together
With a love to last forever
But lately I have seen

That there's a longing in your eyes
Telling what your voice denies

Isabel you'd never leave me
But you never tell me that you need me
You have learned to hide your feelings oh so well
You have a dream that you must follow
Of a fairytale promised tomorrow
You hope it will come true but only time will tell

You said you couldn't help but wonder
What's left to be discovered
If you could just be yourself

You’ve given more than taken
Now you've been awakened
To desires you've never felt

What could I do to keep your love
Oh would it ever be enough

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Torrey Bliss