Having a problem with Essential Blues Guitar Vol 1....
I bought this software 3 weeks ago and can't get the Loop feature to work.

Selecting Play from the top menu, then selecting Choose Loop Type from the dropdown menu gives the error message "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window at:004636c7".

The arrows above and below the Current Video Position bar can be dragged along but it doesn't affect the playback.
When the Loop button is highlighted and the arrows have been set, then pressing Play takes me back to the start of the video instead of looping.

I uninstalled the software, downloaded again in case my original download was corrupted, and re-installed, but the result is unchanged.

Also installed Update patch from your website and have also tried running in Windows Compatibility mode (Win8 then Win7) also without success.

The Help file also mentions dropdowns to define the start and end bars for looping, but I can't find this facility.

Any suggestions, please?