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Nice one guys!

I listened to the audio yesterday, watched the video this morning.

First of all, a great write! One of your best I think, Bud. And I did hear a bit of a John Mellencamp vibe happening, especially at the beginning.

Janice is great as usual, such great tone! And phrasing too, not the first time I've mentioned that!

Harmonies with Kenny work well, and some nice tasteful guitar work happening also.

I always enjoy hearing collaborations, well done!

We all appreciate that. Glad you heard some Mellencamp in there as we used several of his songs as references when mixing and mastering. Thanks for listening and commenting!


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What a tune! What a fantastic collaboration - I wouldn't flinch hearing this on the radio among the modern country tunes on the billboards. It's fantastically written, and the production on here is near flawless. Not to mention, the arrangement of all the instruments here gives it a lot of character.

Great work here, and thanks so much for sharing smile

That's very kind of you Deryk and it is appreciated!