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Nice job,

very relaxing and smooth sound

love that piano sound, nice tickling gain' on

I find that I have to "ride" volumes on many guitar parts

you da the man!


Hi Kenny,

the intent was for it to very slightly eerie with a dose of sadness, yet relaxing. I guess I got close to my goal! Woo Hoo! And yeah, the midi piano was a very pleasant surprise. I had to massage it a bit in Audacity but it ended up sounding pretty decent.

And I know what you mean about riding the guitar gain. I'm playing through an Ibanez Les Paul knock-off with really got pickups. It'll crank out some chicken pickin' and stout rock, but when it comes to Smooth jazz and Smooth RnB, I have to really back off to a point where any less fades it out but any moreoverrides everything. it's a tough spot to find sometimes.

Thanks again for the great comments. Much appreciated.

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