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Hi there J&B.

I've been missing from the forum over the summer - several weeks in France without internet, plus busy looking after grandchildren during the school vacation - so this is the first thing I've reviewed in a while.

Well, you've got all the big names involved in this one, so I was expecting something good and I certainly wasn't disappointed. Right from the start the groove was there loud and strong in a clear and powerful mix.
Janice, well what can I say that you haven't heard so many times from me before. Fabulous.
Great guitar from Kenny and excellent BVs throughout.

All this, plus a super story-line lyric. Everything works SO well you must all be so proud of this one.

Cheers, ROG.

Hey ROG, great to see you back around. We really like your latest song you and your son did. Too cool! Thanks for your kind words. You hit on all the things we worked hard to get right so it even means more to us. We appreciate it!!!


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hi guys almost missed this awesome job on this peace great production as always thanks for sharing perfect colab eric

Thanks Eric!