"The Rain Song" is the story of a husband -- somewhat of a homebody -- who is reluctant to walk in the rain with his free-spirited wife:


Style is: B140_GB.STY. Contemporary Med. Bossa / All RealTracks
Key of B (I think?), tempo @ 155, meter = 4/4

Craig Scott on Real Drums/Bossa Brushes
Neil Swainson on acoustic bass, RealTrack #464
Oliver Gannon on electric rhythm guitar, RealTrack #467

At the bridge, and at the end of the song, P. J. Perry solos on flute, Real Track #705, the "bluesy" variation, and also on alto sax, Real Track #475.

Intro flute solo is a Uberschall loop fragment.
MIDI strings & piano arrangement rendered by Miroslav Philharmonik.
MIDI vocal "Ooos" rendered by SampleTank Vocal Collection.


Of the lyrics, please note that the husband (me) sings the lyrics in that are in standard font; the wife (Courtney Grace, who recorded my recent song post, "How Do You Know When Someone Loves You"), sings the lyrics that are in italic font. Lyrics sung in unison and/or harmonized are in bold font.


Oh, look, it’s raining, and I don’t want to go out
Oh, stop complaining, my wife says with a pout
I’ve got the blues, dear, and of that there’s no doubt
I don’t want to go out in the rain


You could imagine, the rain is not what it is
How about champagne, dear – raindrops that fall with a fizz!
You are so clever, oh, yes, you’re some kind of whiz!
Now, let’s go out and go walk in the rain


The air smells like perfume
From flowers in full bloom!

(In unison, harmonized)
Everywhere the rain has fallen looks so new…
It’s not a strain to maintain that the rain is a good thing to view!


How nice the world is, when it’s dripping and wet
I’m glad you noticed, so you don’t have to fret
I know I love you, and on that you can bet
I’m so glad we went out in the rain


The rain has stopped, now, and the sun is so bright
But it’s so hot, now, that I can’t wait for the night!
And I agree, dear, so there’s no need to fight
Let’s go home and stay cool in the dark.


And then tomorrow we’ll go to the park…
Or, to the ocean and swim with the sharks…
Or to the sky where we’ll fly with the larks...
(ad-lib, or scat to fade out)

To those of you who listen to, and comment on the song, thank you. You're the best friends I'v never met laugh !!!
"Music is what feelings sound like."-- borrowed from a Cakewalk Music Creator forum member, "Mamabear".