Hi guys,
I searched the forum but I couldn't really find anything that could help me. Maybe I missed it, not sure. I apologize in advance if the answers are already there, somewhere. It's a big forum smile

Anyway, the question is the following: does anybody know exactly what the options in the UserTracks Development Settings page are for? I looked in the help / manual and frankly things are not very clear, at least to me. More specifically I'm asking about:

1. Don’t start a new Riff on this bar
The manual says: "prevents the current bar from being used as the start of a new riff. This is useful if the bar has sustained notes carried over from the previous bar and no new attack of a note".
I get it, but ... what is a "Riff" in this context? If a "Riff" is not clearly defined, I can't understand how to use this option.

2. Don’t End a Riff at the start of this bar
Again, the problem is "what is a Riff"?

3. Only Play this for a fill
The manual states: "sets the current bar as a fill, which will only be played where the user’s song is also a fill"
Again, my question is: what is a "Fill" in this context?

4. Odd/Even must match
The manual states: "sets the current bar to play in the user’s song only if the odd/even status (bars after a part marker) matches the user’s song"
What is the "odd/even status" in this context?

Thank you in advance to anybody willing to help!!!


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