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I have an EverythingPAK which won't install properly on my laptop. So if I run the program from the USB Drive and purchase the PlusPAK $99 2018 upgrade on USB flash drive is this a valid combination?

Does BIAB full program need to be installed on the PC for the PlusPAK USB flash drive upgrade to work?


You can install the contents of the 2018 PlusPAK directly to your 2017 EverythingPAK hard drive, and it will transform it into the 2018 EverythingPAK.

If you want to run your 2018 PlusPAK/EverythingPAK combination from the hard drive instead of the laptop, there's an option for the following once you plug in your drive: (taken from our FAQ page)

-First, double-click on the Band-in-a-Box® Setup.exe file on the root level of the hard drive. It gives you the following installation options.

-Choose Option #2 - Install Band-in-a-Box® on your computer hard drive, but leave the RealTracks and RealDrums on the USB hard drive. This requires more hard disk space, about 2 to 4 GB. In addition to the plugins and fonts, this will install the Band-in-a-Box® and RealBand programs to your computer's hard drive, and allow you to run the programs from there, as if you had installed them from a DVD. This is also useful for upgrading an existing version of Band-in-a-Box® that you have installed on your computer.

There is information on some additional installation options available at http://www.pgmusic.com/techfaq51.htm#163
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