Hi and a Happy New Year to all.

Here is an instrumental I submitted to Songtradr in response to an opportunity for an upbeat instrumental with "movement and energy".

It is based on the Ukulele Folk swing style with the "Older" sax and trumpet thrown in


The tracks used are:
RealTracks in style: ~1137:Bass, Acoustic-Guitar, FolkSwing Sw 140
RealTracks in style: ~1143:Ukulele, Strumming FolkSwing Sw 140
RealDrums in style: NashvilleBrushesHillbillySwing: a: Sidestick, Brushesb: Brushes, Stick
RT437:Sax, Alto, Older Sw 140
RT441:Trumpet, Older Sw 140
RT616:Mandolin, Rhythm Bouncy Sw 165

If anybody is interested in submitting to this opportunity it is still open for another 15 hours and BIAB really is the most awesome tool for making these instrumentals.

(PS If you do submit to this opp, I would love to hear your track)