If you're looking through the StylePicker in Band-in-a-Box® 2018 for Windows and want to adjust the font size... you can! The option to change the font size of the text in the StylePicker list is in the StylePicker Options dialog.

To get to this window: Within the StylePicker, select [Action...] | Set Dialog Options...

Then you can choose from the font sizes 8, 10, 12, and 14!

There are a few additional settings from this window that you may also find helpful:

-Preferred listing of styles: This controls the default type of listing of styles (Real and/or MIDI).

-Show current style in list even if it doesn't match the filter: lets you choose to always show the current style even if it doesn’t match the filter.

-Sort Columns in forward and reverse order: If this option is enabled, clicking on a column name again will sort the list in reverse order.

-Always Change Tempo to best tempo for style whenever a style is loaded: If this is checked, pressing the [OK] button in the StylePicker will always change the current tempo to the ideal tempo for the selected style. Note: If the song is "blank" (no chords past bar 5), then the tempo will change, but if the song has chords in more than 5 bars, then the tempo will not change unless this option is enabled.

-Change 4-bar Preview tempo to best tempo for style: If this is checked, then when you preview the song, it will be played at the ideal tempo for the style.

-Use Internet for Style Audion Demos (if not found on disk): Enable this option so that demos can play files from www.pgmusic.com using the Internet if demos are not found on disk (usually, in C:\bb\RealTracks\Data\Style Demos Audio folder).
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