Very enjoyable to watch Floyd!

I was really interested in your description of the harmonies and that you just use a 3rd above. When I did mine I wasn't sure and mostly did 3rd above with a 3rd below turned down much lower. Nice to know I won't need to work below.

Liked that you used the same 2688 Brent Mason soloist that I did. It's amazing that those soloists can cross genres so well. Took the tip in to generate the entire track a few times. I only did once. Like you, the solo part that was already aligned with my guitar solo section of the song and worked as-is and I didn't have to play with it.

Enjoyed the final music video on the song too. Good idea with the lyrics on the wall. Well done.

Thanks for spending the time in making this video for those of us that can use it as a learning experience!

Your new fan! smile


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