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Now this may be a very controversial opinion of mine, but 90 percent of the time I would strongly recommend AGAINST using the Stylepicker filter to make a cover song or backing track

Yes, if you are expecting the stylepicker to give you an exact match, you will likely be disappointed unless it is a very basic, generic song.

What it is designed for, and in my opinion does a reasonable job, is to get you in the ballpark and give you a starting point. So, after you enter the song it will list all the styles that have a similar tempo, genre, and feel (ev8, ev16, etc.) and eliminate all the ones that could never possibly work.

In my case I don't think I've ever used a style right out of the box. Initially I'm looking for a good rhythm section, drums and bass, that match what I'm looking for. Once I have that I start auditioning the other instruments I need.

So, for me it saves a lot of time wading through styles that are not even close, which is what we had to do before they added the stylepicker.

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