Band-in-a-Box® 2018 for Windows comes with over 50 exciting new features, including RealDrums Picker enhancements and the RealDrums QuickList!

RealDrums Picker Enhancement:
You can now demo individual variations of the RealDrums at the tempo closest to your current song by double-clicking on them.
The "#" column shows "VideoFound" if the video RealDrums is installed.

RealDrums QuickList:
There is now a simpler dialog for choosing RealDrums, an alternative to the RealDrums Picker. It displays all available RealDrums in a simple list, which can be easily filtered by genre, time signature, feel, and more. The list can be set to show only RealDrums that are compatible with the current style of the song. You can also set the highlighted RealDrums as a prototype RealDrums to find alternates to that RealDrums.

All of the new features list at
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