I'm liking Sonokinetic Noir and wanted to see if I could use it with BIAB.

Concept, send chords from BIAB OutputCh to Noir, and send phrase keys to play a phrase in the key of the chord. Challenge is in Noir is the Phrase notes always remain the same and do not transpose. The Chord notes to follow the chords in BIAB. There is no "partial" freeze of a track in BIAB, like only notes in a couple of ranges should freeze.

Example of Noir Key map
Key Switch C0 Phrase Continue, D0 Bar Sync
Chord Keys E0-B2, Major, Minor, Dominent 7th
Phrase Keys C2-B3 - plays phrases based on the above chord.

The idea is to use BAIB where it outputs chords to send chords to Noir, then use a track like "Strings" to send phrases to play.

Noir sees the chord, and the phrases you want to play, and plays them in key of the current chord. BIAB also sends timing for phrases to Noir.

BIAB 2018
Kontakt standalone
Sonokinetic Noir https://www.sonokinetic.net/products/instruments/noir/
MIDIOut VST https://www.thepiz.org/plugins/?p=midiOut
loopMIDI https://www.tobias-erichsen.de/software/loopmidi.html

Setup BIAB:

Setup OutputCH to produce chords. Preferences -> OutputCH to output chords on Channel #9, velocity 50 (doesn't matter), Output MIDI Sync
Note range E0-B3, Experiment with the # tickes before chord change. 0 seemed to work OK but I haven't tested everything.

Setup "Default Sync" to MIDIOut (VSTi), select loopMIDI 1 and select Clock, Host, Channel All

Setup Track to send Midi "Strings", MIDIOut (VSTi), loopMIDI 1, Clock, Host, Channel All

BAIB will now output the Chords to LoopMIDI 1, and send the MIDI on the Strings track to the same LoopMIDI 1

Edit the "Strings" track to select the phrased you want to play and when they should play. Also select the key switches like "Phrase Continue" if you want it. This track has nothing to do with "Notes" of the song. It is just phrases, and you may select a few at the same time, For example your song may be in the key of C, but have phrases on C# and or F# keys, but these actually play in the key of the left hand chord and no C# is actually played. (unless the phrase includes it for like in a chromatic run)

Freeze the string track. You do not want this to transpose if you change the key of the song. BIAB will warn you that you are freezing MIDI. You can ignore it.

NOTE: Don't use the Melody track because it will transpose even if frozen. It will end up selecting different phrases based on what key you put the song into.

Setup Kontakt standalone:

Kontakt (standalone) load up Sonokinetic Noir
MIDI in on LoopMIDI 1
Omni (you can narrow this down to just channel 9 later if you want)

When you start BIAB it will send chords to Noir through loopMIDI 1, but Noir will only play if a phrase key is also sent at the same time or after a chord is sent.

Changing the chord, or key of the song will send new chords, but the phrase part will freeze to the same no matter what chord or key the song is in. The same phrases will play, but just in different keys.

BIAB MIDI clock keeps phrases in time. Some phrases are good for slow songs, others good for fast songs.

Sonokinetics has other Phrased based sample libs that should also work.

I'd like to see BIAB offer a future option to allow the chords to be sent/merged to a track directly in BIAB. I could then put Noir directly as a VSTi on the track, Freeze the phrases, but have BIAB send the phrase keys along with the chords to the internal track selected VSTi. It would also save the Noir setup during a save, and open.

I tried to do this with a couple of minihosts as a VSTi, but none were stable enough to take midi from the output of BIAB and merge the track midi together. loopmidi would complain about MIDI feedback loops. I might experiment more with this later, but would still like to see BIAB offer chords to be directly sent to phrased based sampler VSTi

It's great to have use of these phrase based samplers controlled through BIAB. I will probably simplify a few to user tracks for myself.
MIDI is alive and well. And BIAB is still tops!