Thank you. That was the reason I was attempting to uninstall it. I still cannot figure it out. Anyway as a last resort I booted windows in safe mode and then scanned the OS for corrupt files. Strangely it found no issues and after rebooting both Realband and BIAB play and record with no issues. I had already ubimstalled asio4all as well but that was not the issue because I tested everything before booting into safe mode. The pod works also. I just have to leave the driver's set to the Tascam because I am going into that from the Pod anyway. Never thought about that before. No need to change drivers.
Thanks for taking the time to help out. Much appreciated.
BIAB 2018 latest build, Window 10 Pro 64 bit operating system
X64 based processor
Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU ES-2670 @ 2.60GHz
16 Gigs Ram
Tascam 2x2 audio interface. Podxt