It should just run standalone, any problems just install AutoHotKey
you can also right click > Properties > Compatibility > Run As Admin

Use the Bass, Drum, Piano.. buttons to set the instrument/s to play over a Rest, Shot or Hold.
Use the < > to move or use the keyboard arrows.
Use - for a comma between chords.
Use / for slash chords.
Use the Tabs to select your key and scale.

EDIT: Fixed m6 m7 Ma7, added View Mode button.

EDIT: Update,
Added Set existing Chord to Push 1/8 or 1/16
Added View Mode Normal/Compact
Added DAW Plug-in Mode (small)

EDIT: Update
Added Remove Push Shot Hold or Rest from Chord
Added GUI Color Picker
Added Move BB Window with cursor keys or mouse

Exe and script

Script only
To run the script only just install AutoHotKey then double click on the Biab Chord Picker beta 1.0 script.ahk and it will run without having to use the exe.
If you open the Picker beta 1.0 script.ahk by dragging into Notepad you will see it is just simple text:

This is the easiest way, install AutoHotKey > Double click the BB Chord.ahk.
You can right click to Edit or Compile to an BB Chord.exe

Creating your own GUI:

I included the script, to edit it use SciTE4AutoHotKey or Notepad.
To create a GUI use SmartGUI then open in SciTE4AutoHotKey to add the the hotkeys.

So for each GUI Button you create e.g 13b5#9 put the code at the bottom,

this will send it to the Biab window, { } are used to send some special characters.

Gui, Add, Button, x372 y430 w90 h20 , 13b5#9



winactivate,ahk_class TBandWindow
Send  13b5{#}9

You can use the GUI to do any Biab function by adding a button to send the shortcut keys or keystrokes to access the menus by sending down right and enter, see below.
If you have AutoHotKey installed just right click the script.ahk > Compile, this will create the GUI.exe
Use WindowSpy.ahk in the AutoHotKey Installation folder to get the window name to send the keys to an application, like ahk_class RealBand

So to create a MultiRiff Button for RealBand:
Gui, Add, Button, x10 y30 w60 h20 , MultiRiff


WinActivate, ahk_class RealBand
Sleep, 500
Send, !{G 1}
Sleep, 100
Send, {Down 8}
Sleep, 100
Send, {Enter 1}

The Sleep is just a short pause, so it sends !=Alt + G 1 times
then goes Down the Generate menu 8 times then Enter to select MultiRiff.

So anything can be done with just one click of a button rather than having to navigate all through menus.

Using Combination Keys:

SmartGUI is simple to use, just drag in the button or any other components, save to file or clipboard, paste or open in SciTE4AutoHotKey or Notepad and add the keystroke send for each button.

Add this to the end to completely close the GUI so it's not running in the tray:

To make the window always on top use:

Gui, 1: +AlwaysOnTop

in the GUI section.

or add a checkbox

Gui, Add, CheckBox, x730 y130 gUpdate vCheck, Always on Top



; Generated using SmartGUI Creator 4.0
OnMessage(0x115, "OnScroll") ; WM_VSCROLL
OnMessage(0x114, "OnScroll") ; WM_HSCROLL
Gui,  +Resize +0x300000  ; WS_VSCROLL | WS_HSCROLL	;+Resize (allows resize of windows)
Gui, Show, x277 y206 h682 w880, Biab Chord Picker Window, 


    Gui, Submit, NoHide
    If Check = 1
        Gui, +AlwaysOnTop
        Gui, -AlwaysOnTop


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