Dave and Christiane,

I'm doing my best to type in real-time while the song is playing....

What a great opening!

Now Chris is singing and I'm stunned by how outstanding this production is! Chris's vocals sound so-o-o-o good! Wow!!!! Her singing style and this genre go together like coffee and cream.

Now it's Dave's turn. As I type, he's on lead guitar and the only thought that's in my mind is "This guitar sound, this performance, they're the stuff of skilled professionals!"

You've both done everything right with this one! To my ears it's top shelf all the way; music, performance, production and mix.

I thoroughly enjoyed everything about this.

All the best,

P.S. I just read your mention of reverb. I'll leave that to others with more experience than I have. In all honesty, I was so captivated by what I was hearing that I stopped having any critical thoughts about beat 2, bar 1.