Nothing deep this time, just a song about being too shy to ‘plight one’s troth’, as they say.
Here's an accompanying video which includes glimpses of yours truly in action:

(Switch to 1080HD if it doesn't do so automatically).

Lyrics and technical notes can be found Here.

BIAB Components:
Electric Piano - PIANO CRAY1.STY Cray 1 90's Rock Blues (but I made the opening trill!)
Organ - ECST_GRV.STY East CoastGroove Rock Organ (choruses and middle 8 only)
Electric Rhythm Guitar - 500WATT.STY_Guitar_Real 1718 Guitar TexasBluesRockStraightBrent Ev 120

All at 120bpm but little trick I use is to speed things up in final choruses to add a sense of excitement, to 121.4bpm here.

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