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I noticed you said this song was "sloe" on Soundcloud.

Is there any chance you had sloe gin on your mind, or in your glass when you did this?



Cool little piece.

Hello "Eagle-Eye Snyder"!

Actually, a sloe gin fizz would be pretty good right about now! yep - that's what i said. I tend to prefer the "softer" lady's drinks on those few occasions I drink hard liquor. A straight shot of C C with a Coke back works good, too! I don't drink a lot - a little here and there. I spent 50+ years on a bandstand and decided I didn't want to be "that guy" making an a$$ of himself on the dancefloor.

Actually, the reason for the misspell is two-fold: I spilled a Dr Pepper on my keyboard last week and my focal dystonia is progressing very rapidly. I can barely move the thumb on my left hand. Oh well, getting old comes with its little packages of surprises! I don't fret too much over it. God's given me many, many fabulous years with music and the chance to play behind some of the bigger names of country music in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. I'm satisfied with that.

Glad you liked it. Di said "Hi, David!" She has a Dr's appointment in less than an hour, so gotta scoot. Best to you & yours.

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