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Works for me! smile

This is one of the styles that BiaB excels at. Great mix.

Plus, you've got super-cute puppies in the picture. Who could say anything bad about that?

Thanks a bunch, David! And yes, BIAB is a natural fit for the Smooth Jazz genre. I think part of it is a reflection on Dr. Gannon's brother, Oliver. He does many of the Jazz RTS and is very good at it. He recently was awarded the highest official recognition a Canadian musician can receive. The other contributing artists are also quite talented.

They make it very easy for me to plug in a few chords, grab a couple of instruments, find a style and then "GO"! I think BIAB deserves much more credit than I do. But I'm delighted you enjoyed the few things I did with their marvelous program. Many thanks! Best to you.


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