To reiterate what I've said before, running as "administrator" is not the same as being the administrator of the computer. You have administrative rights as a computer administrator, but that doesn't mean applications and processes run (or in some cases even should run) with elevated administrative privilege.

But for some applications, BIAB and RealBand being two of them (based on user experience), the advantage of running BIAB as administrator is that, for example, sometimes plugins need the privilege to write to protected areas of the operating system (perhaps saving a preset, or writing a setting to the registry). When you run BIAB with administrative privilege, it passes that privilege through to the plugins it interacts with, and in general you have a much better experience. If you didn't have the privilege, it can crash or not get back the expected result and things can go awry. If it works great for you without administrative privilege, great; however, experience has shown that it will work best with it and to no ill effect.

You can do this one of two ways:

1. Each time you run either BIAB or RealBand, right click on the icon and select "run as administrator". This is a good way to test if the problems you are having go away without committing to a permanent setting.

2. To permanently set your BIAB or RealBand icon to run as administrator each time you launch the program, just right click on the icon, select the "compatibility" tab, and check the box "run as administrator". Click OK to save the setting. Now, each time you run it, it will run as administrator. Be aware, however, depending upon your computer settings, you may get a popup box asking if you really want to do this each time it launches. Just click OK to continue.

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