Fractal Synaptic Bliss (9-2-2018)

Fractal Animation Video

For full emersion I recommend watching a Fractal Animation while listening.
(Mute the soundtrack on the video.)

I had three goals in mind when I sat down to compose something.

1 compose an instrumental on the keyboard:

All the sections of the song, except the piano section, were written around the bass lines that I wrote on my Korg.

2 incorporate BIAB where possible:

I was able to not only use BIAB to assist me with the Key and Chord arrangements but to my delight I stumbled upon that wonderful New Age piano part.

3 play some guitar in the composition myself:

As much as I wanted to play, once I mixed in Brent Mason’s Pop Promise electric guitar there was no looking back.

The title came from my discovery of Fractal Animation on YouTube in the middle of writing this music. If you listen to the song and watch almost any of the Fractal animations that you can find on YouTube, you would think I wrote the music for the animation. There will be moments when the two sync up almost magically.

Realtracks: 1604 fiddle, 2158 Elc Rhythm Gtr, 2203 Elc Soloist PopPromise Brent
Midi supertrack: 2063 Piano NewAge