Bubblegum Serenade By Bonnie - Kjell
Here is track on soundcloud: [Link no longer valid]

This is a track coolaborate Internet email Sweden USA
Music Arranger Master Kjell Karlsson Sweden
Lyric Vocal Bonnie Nadine Newman USA

I use Band in The box 2018
RealTracks in style: 2958:Bass, Acoustic, SmoothCoolNeil Sw16 075
RealTracks in style: 1995:Piano, Acoustic

Mix in studio one
use Fx from Toontrack and Fx from Studio one
End master over emastered.com

About Bonnie and Kjell
I have used band in the box since version 10 one of my favorite progam. Composing music uses Band in The Box as the start to add basics. I'm seriously sighted using leader dogs have multiple cancer diagnoses so Band in The box is an opportunity to meet other musicians over the internet. Has made many songs through different sites. Now, my health is not so good, so I'm only working with a top musician Bonnie in the USA by email.
Thank you.

[Link no longer valid]

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