Hello PG.

Before getting into BIAB, I watched many videos. Some on PG site, some on YouTube.
Some I found very informative, but most not creative enough. Meaning, most of videos are based on specific technical issue and not on creative side of the project as whole.

Joanne Cooper, was one of very few who actually applied BIAB to real song from start to ending, and did it with heart:
Her videos are good, but do not go into more complex things much.

I would like to request a video that deals specifically with more complex Intros/ Bridge(s)/Ending in one song/one project. Let me explain a little more. I am used to do backing tracks on arrangers and arranger based software. With those, usually a musical variations are present for intros, breaks and endings, which are very distinct from the rest of the style. Meaning, you can not mistake an "intro" from the main chorus.

I am struggling quite a bit with that in BIAB. Creating vivid transition parts such as intros, bridges, endings...

I know, it is probably too much to ask and most likely will be forwarded to video clips that deal specifically with each part... But, It would be helpful to have a full video that deals with complete pop/rock song with standard structure with distinct/vivid intros, bridge and ending. From start to end. Not rushing through things and explaining items from the point view of musician and not as salesperson. (Sorry to say, but I found many videos on PG "how-to" sounded more like sales pitch ad rather than help videos)

I believe such tutorial would help me and many others to visualize whole song construction ideas and workflow. Also would be helpful to those who are considering on becoming members.

Thank you,