Dear "Ezekiel's Storm"...

Quoting you: "I've kept it with all the production flaws and weak, tentative vocals as a personal reference point that I can use to measure improvement."

??? Huh? Say, what? Would you care to show me where in your song you think the "weak, tentative vocals" appeared? Where the "production flaws" are?

What these ears heard was a confident, enthusiastic vocal that could only have been the result of your own inspiration and pride in singing your own smoothly constructed and simply expressed lyrics. It sounded as though you were smiling as you sang it. Your RealTrack assignments filled my head with more exuberant, full-bodied music than I could I appreciate in one listening, a problem I remedied by listening to it again.

Understand me, please: all musical productions have flaws, right? Nonetheless, in my opinion, it's the net effect of all the production elements combined that create an impression on a listening audience.

And so, to wrap all of this up, your song,"She's My Myth" (what a wonderful title that is smile !!!), sounded dang good to me !!!


LOREN (a.k.a. "bluage")

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"Music is what feelings sound like."-- borrowed from a Cakewalk Music Creator forum member, "Mamabear".