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What these ears heard was a confident, enthusiastic vocal that could only have been the result of your own inspiration and pride in singing your own smoothly constructed and simply expressed lyrics. It sounded as though you were smiling as you sang it. Your RealTrack assignments filled my head with more exuberant, full-bodied music than I could I appreciate in one listening, a problem I remedied by listening to it again...

And so, to wrap all of this up, your song,"She's My Myth" (what a wonderful title that is smile !!!), sounded dang good to me !!!

Thanks for the positive comments, blueage. I am glad you hear something different than I do. I think the vocal is a bit listless. Perhaps, that is because when I was recording the vocal takes, I was in a rush because I had a new toy (BIAB), and I could actually record and produce my songs and couldn't wait to hear the end product. Now, I take my time.