Hi Folks, back again!

Been travelling around Europe a lot last year, which has kept me off the forum more than I'd like,
but my New Year's resolution is get back to writing and to listening to all the great songs on here.

So, trying to hit the ground running in 2019, here's a bit of good old Rock & Roll.
The Sax, Harmonica and Piano are all RTs, whilst I'm playing the guitars and bass.
The drums are samples programmed-up using a midi VST sample player. The project kicked off
in PowerTracks for the guitars and then moved to Realband to add the RTs. Finally, it was back
into PowerTracks to track-up the vocals and then to mix.

I tried to call my Baby on the telephone
The number kept on ringing like there's no one home
Every time I call her, seems there's no reply
I'm getting re-directed but I really don't know why
Everytime I call her it's the same routine
Maybe she's just busy but that's not the way it seems

It's so hard, getting through to you
It's so hard, getting through to you
If you don't pick up the phone
I'm gonna call somebody new

I put it on speed-dial and tried it one more time
I called the operator and said can you test this line
The operator tried and said - there really ain't no doubt
The phone is working fine but the number just rings out
Perhaps she's in the shower, or maybe not at home
Or maybe she's just lazy and not picking up the phone

I called her in the morning, and left it off the hook
I let it ring till twelve-o-clock before I had a look
The phone just kept on ringing so I let it go till nine
I can't believe she's out all day and no one's on the line
Perhaps the bell is broken, or maybe she's gone deaf
I wish she'd pick the phone up and finish all this mess

Always grateful to everyone who has the time to listen. Many thanks.

Cheers, ROG.