Lonesome Tonight

I wrote this song 15 years ago, now I revisited it by re-arranging and singing the vocals. Basically a reggae song, but, because BIAB is such an inspirational tool, I have added elements from other genres as well, hopefully it doesn't sound a mess smile I would call this a humoristic break-up song, because of the name-dropping - references to song titles of certain artists, flowers and places in Europe.

MIDI Instruments: Rock Organ (style: MARLEY.STY - SampleTank 3)
RealDrums: Reggae
536:Bass, Acoustic, Pop Sw 120
1142:Ukulele, Strumming FolkSwing Sw 110
1141:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm CountrySwingCleanPicked Sw 110
943:Piano, Acoustic, Solo-Accompaniment JazzStrideBallad Sw 085
1207:Fiddle, Soloist GypsyJazzBallad Sw 110
2672:Pedal Steel, Rhythm HawaiianSwing Sw 110

Vocals: by me

Mixed in Cakewalk by BandLab.


One more song for me
so drunk I wanna be
give me one more bottle
of heartbreak hotel
mama it's not alright
I'm lonesome tonight.

In the year when Bob Marley died,
I gave roses to my woman, she cried,
Later that summer in Nice,
she fell in love with
a muscular guy from Greece.

One more song...

Now or never I stay
with a picture of her in Marseille,
she'll be always on my mind
but Paris is fading
the orchids need to be shined.

One more song...

Could I be loved I ask,
is it such a difficult task?
I will be waiting in vain
for her to come back
to the sunflower fields in Spain.

One more song...

One more song…

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