The Reckoning Time

Years ago we were immersed in traditional bluegrass and playing in a frequently gigging band (Janice on guitar and Bud on upright bass in those days). It’s been a long and fun journey to our current bluesy Americana productions but it’s also fun to get back in touch with our music roots. So here we have a redo of a song we recorded 25 years ago with the great Randy Howard.

Recently we had an opportunity to share some time with floyd during which I played some of our bluegrass for him including the original recording of this tune. He suggested I create a BiaB version of it which we did…and we asked him to join in on the vocals which he did. smile And for which we are most appreciative.

Gospel songs have always been part of the bluegrass repertoire and we performed many in our live performances. We rarely wrote during those days but we did attempt to write this, hopefully, “traditional sounding” bluegrass gospel song.

For this remake we used two different structures of bluegrass harmonies within the song and I did a lot of comping to try for a traditional bluegrass rhythm guitar sound with the obligatory guitar “g runs” and a bass track that pretty much duplicated what we played on the original.

Whether or not bluegrass is to your liking we appreciate your comments!

Janice: lead and harmony vocals / Nectar 2
floyd: counter point vocal (third verse) and harmony vocals / Nectar 2
Bass: RT 592 is the basis with individual notes comped from RT 1393 for the walk up and down sections Logic Pro EQ / Waves Bass Rider / Waves CLA Bass
Guitar: RT 593 “G Runs” comped in from previous project / Waves CLA Unplugged
Fiddle Rhythm chops: RT 593 / Waves CLA Unplugged
Mandolin Rhythm chops: RT 599 / Waves CLA Unplugged
Fiddle Solos: Comped from multiple regens of RTs 596/2032 / Neutron 2 / EMT 140 Plate Reverb sim
Mandolin Solo: RT 820 / Waves CLA Unplugged
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