1. ST4 is 64 bit only
2. ST4 LEARN works in 64-bit BIAB
3. ST 4 LEARN TRIES to show up in 32-bit BIAB (if you right click on a ST 4 control like volume slider you can see it blinking into and out of "existence")
4. ST4 behavior in Realband, remember RB is ONLY 32-bit, behaves exactly the same as it does in 32-bit BIAB

there is clearly an issue between the 32-bit app (BIAB and RB) using JBridge and communication with 64 bit ST4's. May or may not be JBridge communications issue. May or may not be ST4 GUI inside a 32 BIT app,. or ???


probably more on ST4 side since ST3 learn works but the WAY you do it is different in ST3 than in ST4. IN ST3 you COMMAND it to Learn, then select thing to be controlled via Learn, then in controlling DAW move the thing you want ST3 to learn about

in ST 4 you RIGHT CLICK on thing you want to have listen to be controlled via external DAW (i.e., Learn) and it's that right menu that's trying but not working

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Needs reported to BOTH IK MM and PG music!


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