This is my first song post. I used Realstyle BALFRED and tenor sax soloist 937. I can't sing but I wrote this song, like it, and wanted to see it to fruition. So I hired a singer on fiverr. It could use a bridge and I've written one, someday I'll add it. In addition to the usual Soundcloud link, I made a simple slide show video for youtube and that link is here as well.

All that she told me was one little word,
That which she goes by, is known in this world,
That's all I needed, to take her in, savoring the sips,
Cause I got the taste, the taste of her name on my lips.

I know that she'll have a lot more to say,
Next time I see her, maybe today,
I could feel voltage pass through our fingertips,
Exciting the taste, the taste of her name on my lips.

Since the beginning, it's been this way,
Man and a woman, sparked from the clay,
And I've heard of warriors, launching a thousand ships,
All for the taste, the taste of her name on their lips.

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