Hi, I am starting to use RealBand once a month it seems. Not only that Realband has become a lot more important because I am now using our jam recordings as filler music between songs during live jams and I want the balance to be pretty good. So I guess it is time to wish upon a star :-) I am using 2016 at the moment.

The first thing is it bombs a lot. I wish it did not. I guess I will start sending in the dump info.

The node feature to adjust volume at various points is great. However it does not send these adjustments to "save as .wav". I did an extreme experiment and it is confirmed. I end up having to run realband and send the signal out to another computer. Not only is this a lot of time and extra work that I gather should not be necessary but it also produces a reduced volume recording. This one has me thinking I might look for a replacement.

The whole selection view button for the track window does not seem to consistently work. It could also have some enhancements to allow more options.
---All but it needs to work always.
---just the area that has sound
---selection which is has now
---view enough to see all the markers
---Grab the bar scale and drag it in to whatever you want.
This could be handy both when expanded to big and you want to reduce the expansion
It would also be handy when viewing whole and you want to reduce the compression.
---maybe by percentages (100% 50% 25% etc whatever)

It aborted once when I tried to put on some reverb so I never tried again.

After I was getting a lot of aborts I started saving my work. So I got an abort that made me decided to go back to my saved work. The saved work still aborted in that spot so it was a waste of time saving the work. So it would be a great idea to have a time stamp save of work (date/time stamp that is). Actually a better idea would be to have it rotate. Here is what I mean. The song name would be at the front of the file and there would be a max number and it would save until that number was reached and after that it would loop back to the beginning. Users would find the most recent by sorting by date/time of the last update. It should auto start sorting that way so the latest one is at the top. Lastly the user should be able to adjust the max number. For my website they have this feature and I have the max number set to 100. I would probably select 10 for RealBand since the file is very large and I do not use it as much.

The markers probably should have a jump to in the list of markers. When jumped to it should be centered in the tracks window.

That is all I can think of. Not a heavy user yet. In a way this makes these concerns more noticeable. Aborting is always the biggest concern. I think that one is the one that makes me think of getting a replacement the most. BIAB rarely bombs. RealBand bombs on about every 3rd or 2nd song I work on. I might ask the jam group for suggestions but the node volume adjust idea is a must for any replacement. Any replacement will immediately get a test to see if it holds it during writes to a .wav file before the trial period is over.


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