Hi Rharv,

I have used these nodes after two prior jam sessions. I didn't notice it because I never bothered to listen to the .wav or mp3 conversion file. I just assumed it would be fine. Now that I am doing this regularly (but only once a month and likely to forget) (to speed things up) I have created a checklist with things to remember to do. One of the new entries is to check the final file before I upload it to sound cloud for the club members to listen to. It just so happened that some of the adjustments were large enough that I noticed it (I didn't notice it until the 9th song). Even then I still had to go back and triple check to make sure I was not imagining it. I wasn't...lol. No doubt about that now :-)

I think these are the images you requested. All the settings should be the standard install settings because twice the program asked me if I want to reset the settings when I started it up. I don't do anything fancy so I said yes.


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