Yes - "It is very easy to test".
Though I may have tested differently.
Instead of opening the resulting file in another player I simply imported all of the test tracks back into RB itself (the original track, the result of saving as Wav, and the result of using Render to save .. Using File-Import).
For the record, I 'Opened' the Seq file with the track that had Nodes, then imported the other two test tracks into the project and used SOLO to compare.

I made sure each track slider was the same (full volume) to ensure equality withinin the app itself.

Every track behaved as expected, volume changed when Nodes did and no track was perceptibly louder than another.

All 3 resulting tracks were played in the same player in order to simply click between tracks for instant comparison as the track(s). I used RB so I could also include the Node behavior of the original track in the test.

No difference in perceived or visible volume.
If it helps it was done in RB 2019-3.

If you were switching back/forth between 2 different players/instances that may be where the problem lies.

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