Support suggested I try a factory reset. I kind of think it has already been done with those popups mentioned above but I will give it a go anyway. I would have done it an hour ago but I got distracted by emailed related to my "jazz jam club". After supper I will give it a try and read your post Rharv (mind is clogged at the moment).

I can think of a better way to test than using Just record on a track and say "normal volume a few times then say zero volume a few times then say normal volume again a few times". Go back and adjust the nodes to reflect what you said. Save it as .wav and play it back. If you hear the zero volume part you have my problem. So much better than Hopefully I have the solution tonight with the reset. I was looking at other software. A lot of work :-( for all I need. Better if RealBand works :-)

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