I tried the factory reset (see attached pictures). No Luck.
I also show an image of my test recording with the node adjustments (the simple test mentioned above). The way I was testing before by playing guitar was far too hard. Too much time, to hard to tell if the volume had changed, etc. So I developed a much better way with a picture and instructions. Soooooooooo much better.

Stating the volume with my voice makes the test extremely easy and guaranteed to let you know what you need to know.
I tried uploading the .seq file I used for testing but it would not allow the upload.

I tried running the test on my notebook. It gave me an activation message. Because I was thinking I don't want to waste an activation I was going to back off on doing the test there but later I was thinking I am considering another software because of this so I may as well go ahead anyway (If I am using another software I don't care if I have 1,000 activations). It failed on that machine as well. All 3 of my machines use Windows-7. I took Win-10 off the notebook. I Have no need to run RealBand on the notebook (only BIAB need run there).

I will defend my test. The test itself is fine because that .wav file is what I need to use to convert to mp3 and that mp3 is what I have to send to my members (some do not have BIAB or RealBand). They would likely want to hear the volume adjustments. Clearly my moving the volume to zero in the middle of the test should not be heard on the .wav file. Something is not correct. It may be my Win-7. Who knows?

I have a jam coming up and tax to do. Unfortunately I have no more time to work on this at all until after April 28th when the jam is scheduled. I need to clear it form my mind completely. When it comes time to mix that jam I will probably just send it through to the other computer as a work around then decided what to do when I have more time. I love to work and I love learning. I may direct that love toward a different product. Not the end of the world. What I hate is wasting time when there is a shortage of time. If this can be resolved to save time that would be better. I really don't need more than RealBand.

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