Hi Jim,

I have an old version of audacity. I don't really know my version very well so maybe the latest version could match RealBand. Without your input I would no have considered it but thanks for the idea. IF I do send out my requirements I will include them.

I just got an idea. I could send my RealBand sequential file out to my club members and ask them to read it in and use the save as to create the wav file and find out the result and their system specs and real band version etc. Maybe I can find one that gets my problem with win-7 service pack 1 and another with win-7 service pack? that does not. If that is the solution I will have enough reason to put up with a weekend without that computer while it slowly gets the service pack installed. IF someone has win-7 with service pack #1 and it works on their machine then at least I know that is not the cause.

Maybe Micrsoft will provide a download the the service pack only when they stop supporting Win7. I could download it to My old WinXP machine which I only use for backups, transfer it over and install it in maybe 20 minutes. If that was possible I would do that in a finger snap.

One member uses Ableton live. I am betting it could match the Realband node function. Garage band maybe. My impression is there are tons of them that put RealBand to shame but for my limited needs if RealBand can do these node volume adjustments I just don't need that kind of horse power.

It just seems very weird that it does not work and I have to send the output to another computer as a work around to get the node function.

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