Hi John, thanks so much for responding. It must be fate :-) We have the same first name and you are the perfect person to do this test :-)

Maybe you can do me a giant favour and do the simple test for me that I made much clearer than the last time and which is attached to this post with a nice set of detailed step by step instructions. I had to copy the instructions out to a 2nd image so you can read them.

I assume you know how to run the nodes. Just in case others see this post who do not know how to use the nodes and who also want to try my exact test here is the video for how to use the nodes (probably better called "Volume Automation").

Youtube: RealBand Volume Automation

As mentioned in an prior post my original testing method was far to slow and cumbersome. So I created a much better way and created a picture for how to do it which is shown below. This revised picture has the actual instructions.

Regarding the microphone part of the instructions if one does not have a microphone one could play 3 high notes, 3 low notes and the same 3 high notes (with a larger space between the sets of 3) as a way to make the audio wave form unique (so it is easy to figure out where to adjust the nodes down to zero volume) and (so it is easy listen to the .wav file and figure out where you are in the recording and if it has properly reflected the node adjustments).


P.S. If "volume automation" can not be saved to .wav with RealBand then this YouTube/Google search string is probably the best starting point for finding programs that can. String Search: "daw programs with volume automation" or "daw programs with volume automation review". If no program can do it then feeding the sound output to another computer would be the only way I can think of at least (I used it when I could not get RealBand to do it and it works but the volume is kind of low).

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