Hi John, thanks for the test. I just did your first test (1. Right click on track, from popup menu select "Track, Save Track to File") and got the same results you said (no volume node change to the .wav file). Then I went back and did my test (File, Sav As, .Wav) and as stated in my last few posts the volume node settings were saved to the .wav file. With my method since the track I am saving appears to be stereo and your #6 test mentions stereo I am wondering if that might have something to do with it.

I just did two other test which reflect what I will be doing in all my jam mix downs and I highly doubt that I will ever get more fancy that this.

Test #1:
I took the output of the first test I made in this post (the test that wrote the .wav track out without applying the volume node adjustments). I dragged that .wav file onto RealBand track number two. I than did a (file, save as, .wav) of both tracks to a temp file and I could still hear all parts of the track #2 (normal volume 3 times, zero volume 3 times, normal volume 3 times). I then did a variant where I applied the volume nodes in the exact same fashion to track #2 as was done to track #1 where the volume nodes reflect what I was saying on the track. So I did a (file, save as, .wav) and as hoped during the portion where I was saying "zero volume" there was no sound.

Test #2:
I highlighted the wave form of one of the 2 tracks in the above Test #1 and I right clicked on it and selected Audio Effects then selected reverb. I chose one of the drop down reverb settings and choosing it adjusted the 5 individual settings at the top. I clicked on process. It applied the settings to the highlighted track. I then chose "File, Save as, .wav". The reverb could be heard during the playback of the .wav and also the middle section where I say "zero volume" had no sound indicating the volume nodes had been applied to both tracks when saved to .wav.

Thanks guys for all your help. It seems that much to my relief I probably will never need to use anything but Real Band for recording the jams we do and I can focus most of my attention at being a better guitar player. I probably won't post any more here and if I do it will be after April 28th. I have 18 songs to brush up on in 2 weeks and the target is no more than 3 errors on any of (melody, rhythm, comps, improvising). That isn't easy to do when you make a major change to your technique which typically won't be mastered for a year. Need to focus :-) Having said that at least I now know I can overdub with RealBand to fix the recordings so at least they are up to the standard I set :-) Life is good :-)


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