A little while back, and as a result of some emails between Janice and Bud and me, I got to thinking that I'd like to write a song to say "Thank you" to mothers. Here is where I ended up...

Right now it's May 12, 2019, and I hope that all the mothers who visit this forum are having a wonderful and very happy Mothers' Day. In all sincerity, you deserve everything good thing that comes your way.

I'd also like to say a huge "Thank you" to Janice and Bud for taking on the role of muses for this creation. I am sincerely grateful.

As always, please feel free to ask questions or to comment on any aspect of the song and its production if you wish to.

Best regards,

The BIAB Band

  • 1825: Bass, Electric, PopModernGrooveHeld Ev16 075
  • 368: Guitar, Acoustic, Strumming Ev 065
  • 1595: Guitar, Acoustic, Fingerpicking Pop8thsSteady Ev 065
  • 1856: Cello, Background PopCountry Ev 085

  • Strings: MIDI with Miroslav Philharmonik
  • Guitars: run through CLA Signature Series Unplugged
  • Bass Guitar: processed using Renaissance Bass
  • Vocals: processed with Nectar 2
  • Final mix: produced with Ozone 8

The Lyrics
Standing on this hillside, sun upon my face
Mama, thank you
And that gliding, circling eagle, a vision of nature’s grace
Oh mama, thank you
Without you, none of this could be
You gave me legs that walk, eyes that see
And a happy smile that keeps me standing straight and tall
Such amazing gifts
And I’m so thankful for them all

You carried me inside you and you never once complained
Mama, thank you
You taught me right from wrong and how to cherish every day
Oh mama, thank you
Because of you, I am who I am
You gave me endless love with all your might
And when I needed courage, you held me tight so I would not fall
Such amazing gifts
And I’m so thankful for them all

And I like to think, in a thousand years from now
Our souls will be together, sailing free
Exploring galaxies
Chasing stars
And unravelling the mysteries of eternity

Standing on this hillside, creation all around me
Mama, thank you
Whichever way I turn, the incredible surrounds me
Oh mama, thank you
Because of you, my every day is gold
You made me a heart that beats with joy and peace
That’s full of dreams and free to follow tomorrow’s call
You gave me Life
And that’s the best gift of all

Oh mama, you gave me Life
The most wonderful gift of all

©2019 Noel Adams, words and music, all rights reserved.