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Janice & Bud,

The first thing that stands out is the clarity and sound - beautiful work on the mix & production.

Janice - as usual is superb, with lovely feeling in the vocal, evocative lyrics, some masterful story telling, and also a nice album cover photo.

The harmonica sounds excellent and was a great choice for the song.



Thank you Peter. Everything you mentioned is something we worked hard to achieve. We appreciate your thoughts very much.


Originally Posted By: Greg Johnson
I have never heard any better production on this site......such a wonderful, deep soundstage!!! The harmonica sings so sweetly, but not as sweet as Janice (AMAZING VOCAL!!!!). A really nice tale of a forgotten place, like so many these days. OUTSTANDING!!!! Take care. Greg

Wow! What to say? That is one of the best reviews we’ve received during our seven years here. Thanks so much for your support!!!


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