Hi Folks.
If you can not tolerate slightly depressing song, I suggest moving to
the the next post.
Inspired by a recent song by Ray & Torrey, I decided to write a song long due.
...Once I met a man from former Soviet republic. From our casual
conversation, I understood that he was collaborating with Nazi
during WWII. It was not what he said...but what he didn't say that made me
quite uncomfortable. For a long time, this subject had hunted me, so
finally I was able to express it musically/verbally. Critique is always welcomed. Thank you for listening!

Distant Echoes

Humid July
Breeze as a breath of obsidian night
Ghost from the past
Standing by fence and casting long shadow

He looked at me with sarcastic grin,
Devils dancing in his watery eyes
I could swear I've heard legions marching
Ripping throats... achtung!

Many moons had passed
Memories are fading of those-
Who stayed forever young
And those, with beating hearts
Keeping to themselves

I turned around and walk back home
Could not fall asleep in my bed
I can swear I've heard song of a hot wire*
humming in my head

Butterflies are flying on wild clover field
like the ashes twirling and falling
on burning...and crumbling Berlin

That gangrenous wound will never heal
spreading sweet scent of death...
Seems like history is moving squeaky wheel
While we forgetting our past.

Things used:
366: Bass Electric
686: Organ
RealDrums: CountryEven16
1004: Guitar, 12 string
2495: Pino Electric
2890: Accordion
3242: Vihuela

parts of Hitler/Stalin speaches.
Recorded and mixed in Cakewalk.