I opened RealBand 2019 build 3. It had a RealTracks style left over from my last project. I created a 300 bar chord chart with a mixture of whole chords, rests, shots and holds. I placed "A" and "B" markers at random throughout the chord chart.

When I generated audio tracks it took quite some time but the resulting waveforms looked like I expected.

I then modified the chord chart by changing all rests, shots and holds to whole chords and generated audio tracks. Again it took quite some time but the results did not look like I expected. There is a one bar gap at bar 248 and the bass track has a one bar gap at bar 272.

I was monitoring taskmanager while the RealTracks were generated and formulated a theory of why there are gaps.

My theory is a background task is interfering with RealTrack generation and RealBand is not correctly handling the break in focus.

+++ HERE +++ is a link to the RealBand SEQ file if anyone wants to play with it. Note that the file size is about 450 MB.

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One bar gap at bar 248.
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Gap in bass track at bar 272

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