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Just a thought to stop the first chord in a new song coming up as C just set the key sig of the song to the chord you want. . . .

Thanks for your suggestions and for joining the discussion, Mike. I think you misunderstood what I said. RB doesn't change the first chord in a song to C. It inserts a C chord into bar 241 if bar 241 doesn't already have a chord assigned to it. This chord won't be visible in the Chord window, but you'll definitely hear it in the arrangement. The quickest workaround for this is to simply insert a chord (the most recent chord that occurred prior to bar 241) into bar 241 before asking RB to generate all the BiaB tracks. However, even after doing this, a glitch will sometimes occur at the 240/241 bar boundary because of RB's attempt to switch to another chord first---probably the C chord.

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