I just sent Joe at PG Music support the following reply to his email:

"Hi Joe,

Thanks for your reply to my email and for the comments you made about the behavioral characteristics of the 255 bar limit in Band in a Box. While I do appreciate this information, I have to tell you that the email I sent you was not about problems I was having with this limit in Band in a Box. Instead, my email was about the problems I was having in RealBand because of how it had implemented the Band in a Box algorithm/engine to generate BB tracks for several songs that contained more than 255 bars. This is why I was using RealBand in the first place---as a workaround to the 255 bar limit. But rather than take the time to go into those problems in this email, I strongly encourage you to read through the discussions I started on the "255 bar limit" in your Band in a Box and RealBand Windows product forums. I also shared a video in the discussion on the RealBand forum that shows the main issue I had contacted you about. The links to this video and to both discussions are at the end of my original email below, but I'll provide them again here:

(links included)

Thanks for revisiting this issue.


Tom Levan (pronounced La-VAN)
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