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You are persistent, I will give you that, but what about buggy do you not understand? <said with a big smile grin >

I sure am! And I hope that's a good thing---especially in this case.

Are you asking me about "buggy" or "baggage"? I suspect that you're using both terms interchangeably. As I mentioned above, my primary intended use of RB is to generate arrangements for my songs that exceed the 255 bar limit and to save those arrangements as instrumental demos that I can share with other people. But after Pipeline suggested in a reply to my discussion of this issue on the BiaB forum that I check out the VST plugin for using two instances of BiaB within Tracktion, I'm thinking of pursuing that option instead of RB when I have the time to set it up and try it out, which I haven't done yet. Nevertheless, I'm not done pursuing a resolution of this issue in RB yet and won't until I'm sure that I've "beaten this horse" completely to death. grin

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