Absolutely yes, use the VST plugin +++ VST Plugin Sales Page +++ and +++ VST Plugin Support Page +++

As mentioned on the support page the VST plugin has three pages to support three different track types. Page 1 is named Style, page 2 is named Single/Special and page 3 is named Multi-Riffs.

The first page is used for Style tracks and will be the default page when there are no tracks (or only style tracks) selected. The second page is used for single tracks like RealTracks, UserTracks, Loops, MIDI SuperTracks, RealDrums, MIDI Soloist, and MIDI Harmony for a MIDI Melody. The third page is used for multi-riff tracks. Note: The second and third pages will become visible only if they contain a track. Otherwise, the track table view will default to the first page for style tracks.

Multi-riff is a feature first presented in RealBand. Highlight to select the bars you want to regenerate, select regenerate and seven variations are generated with each residing on its own track.
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