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1. Open song.xml in Real Band
2. Do nothing
3. SAVE song.xml as song.seq
4. Open song.seq
5.Now build your arrangement
In RB make the first 8 tracks regular tracks. Generate tracks one at a time.

Following these instructions results in glitch and erroneous chord change occurring between bar 240 and bar 241. It's essentially what the OP was doing.
Generating 327 bars on per track basis one at a time is extraordinarily time consuming.
Generating multiple tracks after editing several measures adds to what's already a time consuming process.

My suggestion was to avoid generating 327 bars of BIAB recorded audio in BIAB, RB or the BIAB VST, the only three programs capable of generating RealTracks. All three programs apparently share the same BIAB algorithm and have the 255 bar limit issue. Arranging the composition into sections and having a BIAB .sgu file and rendered audio clip matching the section for each section completely eliminates the bar issue limitation, speeds editing and rendering and emulates a live musician overdubbing onto a recorded audio track. All the audio in a DAW project is not subject to where and how the source audio was recorded.

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