Below is a screen shot of Tracktion with one of my songs pieced together---the 7+ minute ballad that I spent 30 hours on in one particular week a couple of months ago. The first track is the drum track. It was produced from a single .WAV file from BiaB that I replicated six times. The reason I had to do this is that the primary down beat of the drums switched at various places in the song.

The second track contains two copies of a partial drum track that my producer had created for me so that I would know where the primary down beat of the drums was occurring in the verses. Appended onto the end of the second copy of his drum track are three copies of BiaB's drum track, which I needed to bump up the volume of the first track to match the volume of my producer's drum track.

The third and fourth tracks contain two copies of BiaB exported .WAV files stitched together. The third track is the finger-picking guitar and base guitar combined from BiaB, and the fourth track is the strumming guitar from BiaB.

The fifth track is a full-length .WAV file of an earlier version of the same song that I had previously exported from Traction after I had stitched together two copies of a BiaB exported .WAV file of all the instruments in my song except for the drums.

The seventh track contains four copies of a three note transitional drum section that I exported from MuseScore to emulate and replace the transitional drum sections in my producer's partial drum track. I created these to make it easier for me to adjust the location of these transitional sections if I needed to add or remove a measure before or after the occurrence of these transitional sections.

The eighth track contains a .WAV file of the melody of my entire song that I exported from MuseScore.

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Tom Levan (pronounced La-VAN)
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